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Standard Cleaning – Regular cleaning for maintain a healthy living space. Basic tasks such as dusting, disposing trash, vacuuming and mopping.

Deep Cleaning – More intensive cleaning for homes without a service more then 1 month. Tasks includes eliminate grime, grime and debris beyond regular cleaning, reach untouched areas and baseboards.

Move Cleaning – Extra care for all areas. Tasks include clean inside cabinets, oven and fridge, cleaning untouched areas and baseboards.

Vacation Homes Cleaning – Well maintenence for all areas. Clean inside cabinets, oven and fridge, includes laundry for all bed sheets and towels, such as bookkeeping for livings goods.

Pets – A extra care for homes with pets is necessary due the pet hair, there is a flat $20 for this.

Extra Rooms – If your need a clean for any extra room, such as Gym, Office, Study room, etc. All cleaning covers one living room and one dining room.

Laundry – Laundry is only available for Vacation Homes.

Interior Windows and Glass Door – Windows have to be reachable, cleaning includes glass, frame and blinds, interior only.

Dishes – Hands-wash or Dishwasher for one load (full sink) of dishes. Not included put them away.

Inside Oven – Hand wash with degreaser.

Inside Fridge – Clean/Wash inside fridge. Available for Move cleaning, if need for deep clean make sure the crew can leave the food outside fridge for sometime.

Inside Cabinets – Empty cabinets only, this is for a cleaning/vacuum NOT for organize the items inside.

Outside Area – Sweep empty garages, patios or balcony. NOT for organize the items. 

Behind Appliances – We do NOT move appliances, if need a cleaning behind it, hire a deep or move cleaning and make sure to move appliances for our crew.

Heavy Furniture – We do NOT move heavy/tall furniture, once hired a deep or move cleaning, make sure places as reachable for our crew.

High Areas – If you need a cleaning in high spots, hire a deep or move cleaning and please provide a stepladder for our crew. We still have the right to decline a high spot cleaning if cleaner consider it dangerous.

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